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Ready Sex Dating How to say date in french

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How to say date in french

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Il est huit heures du matin.

If someone asks you one of the above questions, be prepared to answer: To answer with "Today is Monday, November 15th," write Aujourd'hui, c'est le lundi 15 novembre. Every day of the week is a masculine noun, so the article le is used. Here are the names of the months in French: Here are the days of the week in French [note that the week starts with Monday, rather.

To answer "Today is Sunday," say Aujourd'hui, c'est dimanche. However, you can use du matin in the morning and du soir in the frencn if you want to express time using the standard hour clock.

Saying the date in french

So, is deux mille quatorze and is mille neuf cent quatre-vingt-dix-neuf. Avez-vous une minute?

Related Links:. If you ever write letters, make plans, or request appointments, this lesson will be interrogative adjective quelle; you can't say qu'est-ce que la date or qu'est-ce. In French, you must reverse the month and day. Il est sept heures du soir.

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Aujourd'hui means "today. Quelle heure est-il? The English convention of saying the first two digits followed by the last two digits is not followed.

Get the French Pronunciation Crash Course! French does not do this - except for the first of the month. All rights reserved.

Days of the week in french: how to write the date

You can use the following phrases as a guide when talking about time in French. Il est midi.

Her experience ranges from elementary to advanced courses, including literature and theater. When saying or writing the date in French, you will typically follow this format: [day of the week] [date] [month] [year] Examples: lundi 7 juillet samedi 3 septembre Don't make the mistake ot directly translating from English and using the cardinal s to say the date i.

My name is David Issokson. A single event.

French is my biggest passion. Use this word to write "in July" en juillet"in " en"in April t en avriland so forth. All days and months are masculine, though articles are rarely used with the names of months. So, 4 p.

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Writing Dates in French. This can be confusing if you are mixing between speakers of American English and French, so it is often best to write it out, or to write an abbreviation for the month to be clear i.

Do you have a minute? Both are widely used. A repeated event. Do you have the time? Il est sept heures et demie.

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This can be a bit confusing at first for Americans but should not cause any confusion for people from the UK as they use the same system. My mission is to offer the rfench website for learning French online and help as many people as I can to learn this beautiful language.

Il est tard. Recent Posts. Then, it is correct to say premier.

Days of the week and months

Quelle est la date? This is identical to writing the date, with the day of the week added to the front of the phrase. Years are spoken as normal s in French. This is an important lesson to prevent you from making mistakes when you write dates in numerical and word form.

Il est sept heures et quart. Saying the date in French.

How to say dates and times in french

Il est huit heures moins le quart. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. What time is it?