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Prince kyro

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Show more notes Reblog I have no clue who that is in real life, but this is exactly how I imagine Nikandros. Prince Kyro of Sub Zero is one of my favorite character of this webtoon only lose to Nouren, he's the best in my opinion. I've been following this webtoon since khro was just on discover! She loves Kyro a lot, and also cares about him.

Prince kyro

Apparently, you need to get stuck in a pit or a cave if you want to have a deep discussion or kiss your ;rince. Her hair is commonly worn in a high ponytail with two strands left out on either side of her face. I hope to see a future where the people of our clans can feel safe and prosper. Described by Kharis as to have nice legs and a busty figure.

Clove also has a dragon tattoo that swirls around her back; since the assassination attempt, the tattoo has become more prominent and seems to be glowing red. She always wants Kyro to stay with her. Pprince baby boys.

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Here's Prince Kyro from @junepurrr 's Webtoon, Subzero! Both are having to let their guard down and show a little vulnerability as well as put aside their pride. Facts: She nearly died at the hands of an assassination attempt, but was saved by Kyro with a kiss or " Breath" as Red calls it.

Not on the forehead, hand, or cheek In a last attempt at peace, Clove, the last princess of a near-extinct Dragon clan is forced into a political marriage with an enemy prince., available online for free. I love it kryo much and Kyro is FINEEEEE. Age: 21 years old Height: kydo Physical Desc: Lengthy, sultry red hair as well as bright, sapphire blue eyes. This is it! This is the man who committed treason just to take the golden lion pin because his grief for his dearest friend was so deep and pure that prinnce even cooperated with their enemy, the Snake Prince Laurent of Vere, just to punish Kastor for what he did to that naive, good-hearted brother from another mother of his.

This is the (damn hot) face of the Crown Prince's​. Family: Mother deceasedUncle.

This is the real deal and things are heating up between these two Dragons! I hope you enjoy this webtoon too. Expressive face, dark brows, beautiful and yet so much more serious and grim than beaming sunshine Damen.

Expressive face, dark brows, beautiful and yet so much more serious and grim than beaming sunshine Damen.