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Why are british people so ugly I Am Looking Men

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Why are british people so ugly

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The glass balconies, with their battleship-style metal handrails, are fated to be scarred with grime. Go to any Southern European holiday spot this summer and try to spot the Brits. In the pursuit of balance, we conducted our own wholly unscientific experiment in an attempt to find what British people are searching about other European countries.

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It is controlled by an algorithm rather than a human editor which collates common search terms — so is, one might p, a good indicator of popular opinion. It's tricky to test this for yourself, since the search engine will already be deeply personalised to you based on your browsing history.

Common Google searches about the UK from various other European countries are in some cases anything but flattering The Danish have been asking why English judges wear wigs, the Finnish want to know why the Olympics refer to the UK as 'Britain', while Lithuanians ponder as pfople why we drive ubly the left side of the road. Those depressing facades are cheap, quick to install and a shortcut to a well-enough insulated house to pass planning muster.

'why are the british so ugly?' and more of the most googled questions about the uk

John Prescott, who famously has little time arr this rapacious breed, had a good go with the short-lived commission for architecture and the built environment Cabefounded in To get a beautiful city, you need beautiful ideals as well as buildings. Credit: The Original Tour This slight was too much for a chap whose own avatar featured a portrait of Ainsley Harriot.

Spanish Google users don't even dignify their views with a question, simply typing 'the English are strange' stock image Hungarians search for 'why do the English put milk in their tea? They make city skylines look like a sad, knock-off sci-fi: a bootlegged copy of Blade Runner with the pixelated graphics of SimCity The latest government commission sent to puzzle over ugly developments is Building Better, Building Beautiful.

Why is Australia in Eurovision?

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Last week, separate data was released about the most common searches made about all the countries around Europe. It's tricky to test this ahy yourself, since the search engine will already be deeply personalised to you based on your browsing history. Some show a healthy curiosity.

The developers in particular are the ones making a mint off the housing crisis, aided and abetted by buyer schemes. The UK has plenty of young architects who are bursting with radical and exciting ideas for sustainable and adaptable housing. Section obligations, where developers have to build affordable homes in return for planning permission, can be wormed out of if it affects the bottom line.

Oh, Austria. This article is more than 7 months old Current housing policy pushes developers to build low-quality high rises. Inauto-correct managed to offend almost the entire population of London. So why build something that can last for decades and accommodate a growing family or a mix of demographics when you can get in, build something vaguely building-shaped, and move on knowing investors or government-subsidised buyers will snap it up?

‘why are the british so ugly?’ the most common questions europeans ask google

New-builds for first-time buyers are hot property. According to Google's autocomplete function, which uses algorithms to suggest search terms based on what you've already started typing, plenty of people write 'Wales is better than England' in the search vritish.

Can you answer any of these questions? It got off to an inauspicious start by appointing the late Roger Scruton as chair. Shared ownership lets you buy part of a property — a new-build or building resold via a housing association — then pay to rent the rest of it as you incrementally buy more of it.

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These are resources to invest in. Share this article via Share this article via flipboard Copy link What the world talks about when it talks about Britain Credit: The Original Tour Britain is brittish as a nation of ugly, well-mannered tea drinkers with pale skin and dreadful teeth, if Google search data released by a London tourism company is to be believed.

Rain stains soon streak the cladding. Indeed, data. Italians ask why Brits are "dirty", Portuguese searchers home in on England and ask why English people are "crybabies", while Spanish users don't even dignify their views with a question, simply typing "the English are strange".

The questions europeans ask google about the uk revealed

britisg But Cabe had no legislative power — its main weapon was naming and shaming — and it was canned inwhen the coalition government removed its funding and merged it with the De Council, which developers are equally free to ignore. Germans have often typed the question 'why are the British so stupid?

Indeed, data from Google over the past year reveals the common searches made about the UK from users elsewhere in Europe - and the questions that surfaced aren't entirely flattering, Daily Mail reports. A map of the city showed the boroughs according ugoy their first Google auto-complete suggestion ie. Its report Living with Beautypublished last week, does a lot of hand-waving over the causes of ugly development syndrome.

According to Google's autocomplete function, which uses algorithms to suggest search terms based on what you've already started typing, plenty of people write "Wales is better than England" in the search box. But it's amusing, if true, that so many people have typed 'Scotland is not a real country' and 'Ukraine is not a brothel' into Google.

'Why are the British so ugly?' the Netherlands demands to know and 'why do the English put milk in their tea?' inquires Hungary. Bin help to buy, scrap tax on retrofits, make section non-negotiable, get councils hiring more in-house architects and prioritise local bfitish resident-led housing schemes. An investigation into the most popular Google search terms foreign countries reveal the questions their residents are too shamed to ask a Brit.

Polish searchers are apparently confounded by our baking ingredients, peopoe to know "why is British flour so strange? Share on Reddit reddit Britain is a nation of many mysteries, according to the Europeans who Google it.

Google officially celebrates its birthday today! here's 17 cool facts about google!

They get to make a profit, free from strict regulations, as it keeps them looking endlessly useful to politicians who need to be able to boast about the of houses being built on their watch. Credit: Search Laboratory Some of the queries are just plain rude.

Credit: The Original Tour Seriously though. Telegraph logo This video content is no longer available To watch The Telegraph's latest video content please visit youtube. Tellingingly, the most popular statement about England was found to be, "England is confusing". It isn't hard.